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There’s no question – we love what we do! Masters in planning timeless events we get a kick out of crafting ‘moments’. A WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS moment is one that has been carefully constructed and timed to perfection.

WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS works with only the very best creatives and visionaries this industry has to offer – From Florists to Photographers, Musicians and Stationers; WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS can plan, co-ordinate and style your entire wedding or event or parts of.

Whether your event is for 10 or 300, WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS loves to inject its own signature style; fresh and innovative and always unique, never to be repeated.

WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS loves to put on a show – one that you will remember forever.

Excited to carve a new niche in the Weddings and Events industry, the WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS client is one that is not afraid to push the envelope and think outside of the square when it comes to planning their next event to remember.

At WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS expect the unexpected – there’s an energy and excitement that awaits your arrival and an infectiously creative  team that is eager to weave their magic and craft your unduplicated and wildly memorable event.

Welcome to the world of WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS!










Bree (Taylor) Gomberg is the “Chief Storyteller” at WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS.

A self-confessed ideas junkie, Bree is thankful she grew up an only child – “Spending hours on end growing up without any siblings; It taught me fast to have a sense of imagination and a curiosity. A curse perhaps? I am forever thinking of how to add a point of difference to our clients events, whether it’s a new space or prop, there is endless inspiration out there in our every day lives – you just need to have a patience and passion to find it”. 

Bree’s parents enrolled her into Ballet Schooat the age of Four. Little did they know it would see Bree move to Dresden, Germany years later to work as a professional Ballet Dancer.

Naturally growing up surrounded by the wonderful world of Dance; Bree is no stranger to the art of illusion, beautiful sets and props, costumes, the backstage madness and the many challenges and triumphs that come with planning an unforgettable performance.

 In 2001 and after spending almost three years living and working in Dresden, Germany Bree bid adieu to her life as a Ballet Dancer and returned home to Australia. It wasn’t long after arriving home in Sydney where she experienced (what was to be a life-changing internship) working alongside one dynamic and inspiring Kate O’Hara (Group Manager of Marketing at Hawaiian Group PTY LTD) where Bree decided to enter a career in Events.

Bree has since then worked as an Events and Wedding Producer at Sydney Opera House, Bavarian Hospitality Group and the Bathers’ Pavilion as well Publishing House ACP Magazines (Now Bauer), where she produced events for such publications as; Harpers’ BAZAAR, Qantas the Australian Way, AIR, Cosmopolitan, Belle, Dolly, Madison, Gourmet Traveller WINE and The Australian Women’s Weekly.