Things we are lovin’

Posted on June 6th, 2016 by admin


Maintaining ones creativity in the Events industry is sometimes overwhelming and tough all at the very same time. Ask any Event Planner, we each have our own way of cultivating inspiration – depending on which job and client we are collaborating with at the time, we are continuously hunting high and low for new innovative ways to inspire and be inspired.

In amongst the obvious creative platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Travel etc) it still remains our favourite pastime to flick through the pages of a freshly printed magazine (Something has lead me to believe very sincerely that after all those years of working in the fickled world of magazines, the sometimes salacious and utterly beautiful visual ‘page turners’ are still deeply entrenched within me).

This month’s trip to the newsagent was somewhat different and BOY were we ecstatic. Behold, a new magazine has hit our shores. Introducing Australia’s first gay wedding magazine. He goes by the name of Groom and Guy or G+G for short.

We’ve always considered WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS to be more ‘he’ than ‘she’, so we felt somewhat connected the minute our eyes met.

The size of the mag and the launch volume cover are simply refreshing. What’s inside? See for yourself but be warned there’s nothing tacky nor mainstream about any of the events that are seamed firmly within its pages. Think luxe, stylish and sophisticated.

Without boring you with press release-like jargon. Groom and Guy is just a really frigging cool magazine. Do yourself a favour and get to your local newsagent pronto and see for yourself.