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As a wedding planner one receives an enormous amount of pressure in the lead up to planning their own wedding day.

The pressure of course is completely self inflicted but as I approached my own wedding day I felt a deep need to ditch the burden and shock my friends and family with producing a wedding that was far from the heights in which I am known to produce for my clients.

With a two week extravaganza wedding in Bali; Jim and I said our vows but as their rules and regulations made it somewhat hard to be wed in a legal surround we opted to get legally ‘hitched’ upon our return to Sydney following the two week festival which I will share with you in due course on this blog.

The brief for our legal wedding was unofficially; Disorganised, off-the-cuff, small and relaxed. Not a run sheet was there in sight – those who know me were indeed shocked! My beautiful friend and photographer was engaged the day prior with a call that went a bit like this. “Hey Elise, what are you up to tomorrow? Are you free for an hour to shoot my wedding?”. She replied YES and boy was I relieved. I was beyond grateful for her presence. The images explain why.

My dress and shoes were purchased the day prior – the girls at Country Road were floored and to be honest it was refreshing and without the normal bridal “pomp”. My best friend and bridesmaid landed in Sydney the day prior by chance and she just so happened to rock up in the same dress as my other bridesmaid! – all completely unplanned but perfect of course. I drove myself with my best friend Tessa to the wedding ceremony at the Rotunda in Balmoral and I picked up my bouquet en-route and unannounced. Thanks to Matt Bisaro the floral craftsman the team (in record time) did a fantastic job preparing my bouquet as always.

I was late. I had to park illegally, I even had these terrible acupuncture cupping marks on my back from a few days prior which no amount of makeup from my terrific makeup artist Miss Molly Oakfield could not be hidden. It was chaotic but to me it was perfect beyond my wildest dreams.

What made this day exponentially special to me was that I managed to pay homage to my late Father Howard Taylor moments prior. With my hilarious and funny celebrant Elizabeth Trevan (I adored you!), my Mother and I, the three of us trekked beyond Rocky Point Island, Balmoral and in an intimate surround I bid adieu to my Father’s ashes and signed off with the release of a single yellow balloon which flew off into the distance never to be seen again. It was five years in the making but I needed the perfect setting in which to do so. This was it.

Balmoral held a special significance to me as a young child as he and I spent many a school holiday splashing around at the beach and many a long lunch at Bathers’ Pavilion. He made me feel like a princess always and I know that he would be looking down at me and proud that I had met my prince-charming in Jim. Here’s to you Howie.

I hope you enjoy this moment captured. So many laughs. Ten people and many tears shed. There is something to be said about being a relaxed and unprepared bride and I prompt many to take on this approach. It’s the best!!!!


Images Elise Hassey

Dress / Shoes Country Road

Flowers Matt Bisaro

Celebrant Elizabeth Trevan

Reception Bathers’ Pavilion

Hair and Makeup Molly Oakfield

Jim & Bree 003 LR

Jim & Bree 006 LR

Jim & Bree 010 LR

Jim & Bree 021 LR

Jim & Bree 024 LR

Jim & Bree 028 LR

Jim & Bree 030 LR

Jim & Bree 036 LR

Jim & Bree 038 LR

Jim & Bree 056 LR

Jim & Bree 057 LR

Jim & Bree 063 LR

Jim & Bree 068 LR

Jim & Bree 075 LR

Jim & Bree 078 LR Jim & Bree 081 LR

Jim & Bree 082 LR

Jim & Bree 083 LR
Jim & Bree 092 LR

Jim & Bree 093 LR

Jim & Bree 097 LR

Jim & Bree 108 LR

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Jim & Bree 127 LR

Jim & Bree 139 LR

Jim & Bree 150 LR

Jim & Bree 156 LR

Jim & Bree 159 LR

Jim & Bree 188 LR

Jim & Bree 195 LR

Jim & Bree 196 LR

Jim & Bree 203 LR

Jim & Bree 204 LR

Jim & Bree 207 LR

Jim & Bree 228 LR

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Jim & Bree 282 LR

Jim & Bree 286 LR

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Jim & Bree 290 LR

Jim & Bree 303 LR

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