Katie and Chris

Posted on September 9th, 2014 by admin

There are those of us who love surprises and those who simply do not. 

Enter Katie and Chris. Making their ‘Happy Day’ one giant surprise was all part of the thrill and we were super excited to say that we have now accomplished our very first surprise wedding. Tick! 

Here’s how it all unfolded. Guests received their invitations in the mail in the traditional format. Not a hint of doubt was looming. All dutifully RSVP’d prompt and were left none the wiser. 

Now, there was a small but intimate ceremony held for Katie and Chris’s nearest and dearest earlier on in the day. All whom played a roll in formatting their grand plan. It was later that evening when in an orderly fashion the ‘Engagement’ party guests started to descend upon the Cell Block Theatre in Darlinghurst. True to this quintessential story, the uncanniest thing of all is that Chris’s Grandparents were married in this same venue many years prior. A complete coincidence which made this event even more special. 

With the giant letters spelling out “Just Married” at the Cell Block Theatre entrance; guests were a tad bit puzzled. With no site of the Bride nor Groom, guests one by one started to catch on that this was no ordinary engagement party.

It came time to welcome the guests inside the venue and to announce the newly coined Mr and Mrs into the venue. Waiting backstage with Katie and Chris in between brief encounters of rain and all that excitement was possibly the most memorable moments of the entire event. Of course they were eager to see their guests and vice versa. You can just imagine the excitement and elation once their surprise was officially announced and they could finally share their news with the entire room.

But the surprises weren’t over yet. Their was to be even more excitement and intrigue surrounding the day. A secret that both bride and the team at White Rabbit Projects kept from the groom (yes, you read that correct) for the months prior. The anxiety surrounding this monumental SKY high surprise was possibly quite more than we could of handled but boy were we up for the challenge. 

Chris aka our dear Groom is/was and has always been a huge fan of You Am I Frontman Tim Rogers. Those brides who ponder painfully on what to gift their soon to be husband with on their wedding day – you simply can’t ever compete with what Katie did next. 

Once Chris had concluded his speech he was about to embark on his first dance with his wife. Not before Katie quickly took over the mic and announced a Mr Tim Rogers himself onto the stage. Chris was positively blown away when Tim proceeded to sing his favourite ballads and topping it off by serenading their first dance song. 

The day was quite unconventional from beginning to end which of course thrilled us to no end. We were so lucky to be part of Katie and Chris’s day. 

Our advice to anyone planning their ‘Happy Day’. Make it just that. One big ball of happiness. Your way!


[Photography Elise Hassey]

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