How to choose your wedding day style

Posted on January 15th, 2015 by admin

Venue, Dress code and the Guest list plays a pivotal role and a starting point in which to commence deciding on your wedding day style.

Very often we meet with discerning brides and grooms who have no idea where to start with this common conundrum.

What we like to do at White Rabbit Projects is to ‘simplify’ the process and draw from these three deciding factors before we commence pinning feverishly away at our clients Pinterest board.

Whether you have decided on a Black tie, Cocktail or Casual affair the main emphasis here is that the Dress code fits snuggly with your venue and guest list.

The next phase is colour palette. Brides! Please consider your other half when making your selection and remember to introduce a balance of masculine and feminine. Whilst pink is beautiful and romantic an all-pink palette screams girly and can often lead you down the kind of garden path that can result in your day looking like a kids birthday party.

Fear not! There are clever ways in which to weave this popular colour scheme into your day. Here’s how.

Creams and off whites are the perfect starting point. From there you can inject ‘accents’ of blush pink throughout. Always consider including an opulent metal such as rose gold, silver or gold. It’s about balance and getting it just right.

Before deciding on your palette you need to be mindful of the room itself and the already existing floor, chairs, walls and table ware (cutlery, crockery and glassware). If your budget is tight and you don’t have room to hire in chairs, linens and specialty table ware then incorporate these basic room attributes and compliment it with your colour scheme.

So you start to see that once the above is signed, sealed and delivered from here onwards choosing all those beautiful details is now exponentially easier and you can weave your events theme throughout all the details i.e. Flowers, Cake, Stationary, Props, Furniture and beyond.

Here are some popular colour palettes we found that showcase this theory beautifully. If in doubt and feeling overwhelmed remember – keep it simple, elegant and above all effortless!

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