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It was a chilly morning in Sydney and with the 5am wake up call, the team at WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS along with Cate Locke of Botanica and Piccolo PR did not flinch an inch.

The team proceeded to unveil its usual box of tricks – on display an opulent table-scape, terrarium place settings, floral garland headpieces modelled on waitresses, flower gifting station and even a french market basket filled with The Grounds of Alexandria jams and coffee beans – no detail was amiss.

The guest of honour and reason for said occasion was to launch none other than the Holden SUV range – and what a setting for the revved up beauties it was. With Sydney’s mediaratti in attendance the setting was superb.

Capturing the hearts of the ‘almost all female guest list’, Melissa Doyle was fabulous as MC and presented a candid recant to guests of her childhood adventures in her Father’s SUV. Holden presented the pros of their new SUV range and even those childless attendees were sold on its safety benefits!

The peace de resistance – a beautiful feast-style brunch presented on a bevy of quaint props and vessels included rhubarb porridge in terracotta pots, smashed avocado and chilli on rustic chopping blocks and Jack Hanna aka famed Grounds Barrista and Co-Director was busy brewing behind-the-scenes producing guests with a caffeine fix that would see the remainder of their day seem like a walk in the park.

Images by Esteban La Tessa

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