Baby on board

Posted on January 28th, 2015 by admin

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Upon setting out on your wedding planning journey consider the three styles of guest you want to be present on your big day.

1. Those who have no choice but to set foot and attend your wedding venue with offspring in toe.

2. Those who are eagerly anticipating attending the “Wedding of the Year” (Yours) and leaving their little ones at home with the Grandparents.

3. Those who haven’t yet entered the fabulous world of Parenthood.

Whilst I believe that communication is key – the venue in which you dreamed of marrying your best friend ‘should’ be the key deciding factor in where you ultimately decide to host your wedding day. Guests are secondary.

Remember one thing. That you can’t please everyone, but you can certainly try your best.

Once your venue is decided it’s time to consider the hurdles you may have eloquently created (for some) for no other reason than it’s your day.

Understandably communicating to your guests that you don’t wish to have children at your wedding is a sensitive topic. It can open up a football field of opinions. Be prepared… If  you and your husband have formed a united front and agree that there be no little people at your wedding, we have put together some considerations that will help you trouble-shoot any stand offs, ill-feelings or awkward discussions with loved ones.

Truth be known that not everyone has the luxury of leaving their children with their family. Whether it’s an hour or more to travel to your wedding destination expect that there will be a handful of guests requesting permission to attend with child.

The invitation is a fabulous arena in which to communicate a) your decision to not have children at your wedding and b) the plethora of alternatives you’ve uncovered for your and their benefit.

Some people do not already know that there are a host of Professional Nanny Agencies who can literally rescue a couple from said headaches when it comes to telling guests theirs will be a child-free soiree.

Enlisting the help of a Nanny Agency (on or off-site) from the conclusion of your Ceremony until the end of the night ensures your guests can spend quality time with you on your wedding day. A lot of venues have facilities on site that can be converted to a kids zone. Your Nanny Agency should and will come equipped with games, toys, food (in some cases) and oodles of energy to ensure your child is left amused at all times. Do your homework and make sure you uncover a professional and experienced nanny service.

Provide the name and number of the Nanny Agency on your invitations and leave it up to the parents to reach out and provide their child and his or her requirements. Contact numbers, names, age, sleep + feeding patterns, allergies, likes, dislikes etc… This kind of paperwork you don’t need to be involved in so don’t even try!

If there is a unique case and one or two of your guests just cannot bare to leave their newborn alone for more than one second despite the fact that you’ve expressed the nature of your day. It’s important to be mindful of where you place them on the table. Bare in mind there might be a few guests left scratching their heads wondering why Mr or Mrs XYZ’s child was allowed an extra seat at the table and not theirs.

In all honesty, these days people should understand that it is your day and hopefully they can respect your wishes whatever they may be. Not everyone wants kids running around on their wedding day – some do! Provide your guests with ample time to make prior arrangements that aren’t contrary to what the invite states. A Wedding does bring out the best and worst in some. Hopefully yours conjures up nothing but the best and armed with the above advice will make for nothing other than a seamlessly executed Wedding Day for all.