April and Andrew

Posted on January 31st, 2014 by admin

Upon meeting April and Andrew it was fast apparent that these two were a) perfectly matched soul mates and b) that there wedding day was going to be anything but cookie cutter.

When I found out that April was a school teacher and Andrew in Advertising the ducks very quickly aligned and before I knew it something really special and fun was evolving.

Perhaps it was the fact that they had paper aeroplanes on the tables urging guests to throw them intentionally across the room that got our minds ticking. It really was the precursor for so many wonderful ideas that these two came up with all by themselves. The handmade paper cranes and all the styling from beginning to end was beautifully crafted by none other than these two talented and young at heart souls. White Rabbit Projects were the dutiful puppeteers on the day and felt very lucky to see their vision unfold.

The day started with the weather performing randomly (as is quite often the case here in Sydney) and despite the Bureau Of Meteorology’s website being momentarily frozen due to us checking it on a all too ‘regular’ basis; the weather finally ¬†turned on its happy face at the last minute and April and Andrew were able to be married outside in a nearby park in Glebe as planned.

The Glebe Town Hall was the prefect place to host their reception in. The retro building with uber high ceilings suited them and all the bright and colourfully dressed guests perfectly.

The images speak for themselves ¬†– I don’t think I’ve come across a couple to date that I have laughed and cracked that many jokes with in the lead up to their wedding day. The entire experience from start to end was refreshing and sincere. We wish April and Andrew the very best for their future.


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Photography / Jeremy Yao
Venue / Glebe Town Hall
Month / December 2013
Flowers / Boo Shi
Cake / April’s very talented friends
Catering / Belinda Franks