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Entertaining with Elle…

Posted on September 30th, 2013


What are your hobbies? My ‘hobbies’ (when I get the time) include writing, reading magazines and looking at vintage books on the 60’s and 70’s, Interiors, Society and of course the Art of Entertaining. Entertaining is quite possibly my most favourite topic of conversation, that and Weddings of course…

So… it was no surprise that flicking open the freshly printed pages of Elle Australia and its highly anticipated October Issue did I find myself sweetly succumbing to its ‘Party’ pages… gasp!

Case in point. The thing I love about Elle and unlike most publications, the reader is not only privvy to the ‘Who’ but they are also informed on all those juicy details i.e. The music, food, decor and trends. Elle manages to present all this uber import-ante information to us via two crisply assembled pages. Seamlessly mind you.

You see, the little details are what keeps us Planners and Stylists super-inspired and loving what we do every day. Creating and being inspired. Without having instant access to what’s hot on the global-stage via a VIP Invitation, which let’s face it, unless you’re Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfield who does. Thanks to Elle for bringing us along for the ride…

Look, I have always been very aware of how the other half lives and well, here’s a secret. They’re still living exactly how I had imagined… fabulously that is!

Want to read a ‘How-to’ guide on throwing a party that’s quote: ‘Part French, part Italian and part Snoop Dogg?’ Head to pages 375-376 now.

Bree x

Save money / Hire a Wedding Planner

Posted on September 14th, 2013

Todd Fiscus, Event Director at Todd Fiscus Events

[Todd Fiscus, Event Director at Todd  Events]

White Rabbit Projects plans exciting weddings and events all-year-round. Our creative and planning process is very simple. It goes a little something like this…

First we get an enquiry then a brief of what the client requires from us. Next we get to work on providing a proposal and quotation and if we are lucky we win the job. Then we get to work on mood-board preparations, budgets and sourcing items for our clients special day.

Throughout the briefing process we request our clients send through visuals. This is the BEST and ONLY way we can ensure that everyone is on the same page. Managing peoples expectations is paramount. Avoiding disappointment is key.

Creativity is open to a world of interpretation, therefore it is really important that we get this part right. Alot of time goes into this and often goes unnoticed. The things is that there is no dress-rehearsal for an event. Therefore to avoid disasters on the day and phrases like; “This wasn’t what I envisaged”, we rely heavily on clients sending us to sites like their Pinterest pages/ Blogs and Magazine clippings so we can get an idea of their style and taste.

Opening Pandoras box cue Pinterest can cause a world of conflict though. You see, when someone brings us an image of an event that took place overseas like in the USA or in countries where it’s a lot cheaper to get your hands on gasp-worthy decorations and flowers this is where things start to get a bit tricky.

In the USA; Venues, Suppliers and Hire Goods are infinitely cheaper than they are here in Australia. Fact. Clients need to understand that we essentially are not comparing apples to apples and this even for us is quite difficult to get our own heads around.

It goes without saying that we ourselves often reference American Event Designers i.e. Preston Bailey and Martha Stewart for a world of inspiration. We just love how Americans plan their events. They’re bigger, more colourful, often themed and perfect for the guest whose ‘seen it all’.

Unfortunately though the Wedding industry happens to charge a fraction of what we do here in Australia and hence there being a greater demand for Wedding and Event Planners in the USA.

Whilst Australia brides-to-be in Australia are still warming up to the idea of hiring a Wedding Planner for their big day. We are still deemed a ‘Luxury’ item and sadly an unnecessary expense when planning a wedding. It’s a hurdle that we are slowly overcoming and people are gradually warming up to the idea that we are on their side and want them to get the most from their well earned cash.

Still some unfortunately think that a Wedding Planner is reserved for those individuals who own a wallet the size of Packer. The truth is that, well this is just not true.

Organising and Event here in Australia is actually one of the most cost-saving items you can engage in ahead of your big day.

Recently we had a prospective client who we managed to save her a small fortune. She was about to spend an unnecessary amount on a particular supplier who should have known better. Luckily she met us just in time and prior to booking this supplier and in that moment our fee was totally negated due to this cost saving activity meaning we cost her literally nothing.

You see, the age old adage of spending money to save money is more apparent in our industry than ever. Whilst many would beg to differ, we open people’s minds and present them with valuable ways, tricks and tools on how to shave thousands of dollars of their wedding.

Recently we came across this fabulous interview on Martha Stewart Weddings with Mr Todd Fiscus. Fiscus is a Texas based Event Director and Founder of Todd Events. Fiscus clearly has flamboyancy running through his veins and we just love his confident and colourful eye. In this candid interview he shares with the reader how they too can save money by hiring a wedding planner. We couldn’t agree with him more…

If you are considering planning a wedding and going it alone, contact us first for a complimentary consultation. See how we too can end up saving you cash and spending time having fun!

Read and be inspired!

Bree x