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Rhea and Andrew

Posted on June 19th, 2013

When I received a call from Rhea I knew that this was a one of a kind wedding that I just had to be a part of.

To let you in on a little secret, the team here at White Rabbit Projects quite frequently drop a tear. Rhea and Andrew’s wedding was no exception.

Not only were Rhea and Andrew’s vision crystal clear from our initial meeting but the chemistry between them both… well… it was always destined to be a day full of happy tears.

You know that famous closing scene in The Graduate where Benjamin (Dustan Hoffmann) decides he must go after Elaine (Katharine Ross) whose getting married downtown and takes it upon himself to literally steal the bride and run off into the distance and live happily ever after?

Something took us back to that exact time and place. The setting of the church the 50’s muscle cars. Something charming about the day, and almost not of this era.

Enough said. Hopefully we’ve managed to set the mood for this beautiful story to now unfold. Thanks to our visual storyteller Matthew Mead – who managed to eloquently sum the day up pretty well don’t you think?

All the very best to you both Mr and Mrs Mara


R&A-W-00353 R&A-W-00378


Posted on June 14th, 2013

Can’t decide on whether to spend money on hiring a wedding planner or stylist? Hire a wedding engineer instead!

Did you know that no two zebras have the same stripes? In an effort to dispell all myths surrounding the role of a wedding planner and a stylist we’ve endeavoured to present our case in the simplest way possible – because let’s face it. We all know how exponentially confusing not to mention overwhelming it can be to plan a wedding.

It’s all about you on the day

The most important role of a wedding planner should be geared towards pleasing you on the day. We often refer to it as being your eyes and ears on the ground. Whilst you think you might be able to plan a wedding on your own, you can most certainly not produce your wedding on the day. It’s physically impossible. For instance, your wedding planner will chase your hair and makeup artist or DJ if they are not on time, they will ensure that place cards are set-up on the tables before guests arrive and make any last minute changes if there are drop-outs on the day. If it rains, it is the wedding planners role to kick in plan b. and notify all suppliers of next steps and greet you with an umbrella at the reception. The wedding planner will also chase down the bridal party when it is time to cease photos and be announced into the reception venue so as to not compromise the quality of food being served. Other duties are to ensure that the venue hold up their end of the bargain and that the bathrooms are being kept clean and that guests drinks are being topped up. Being on the ball and ahead of everyone else and having the experience to spy problems before they arise is what makes your wedding planner invaluable.

The Planner versus the Stylist

Often the misconception is that a stylist is a wedding planner. We will be the first to communicate that the cost of a wedding is not something to be sneezed at. Budget often restricts you from having the help you really need. Hiring one supplier over the other and expecting them to do the job that is not in their domain can be dicey territory. When shopping around for a Wedding Planner or a Stylist, a lot of companies will provide both and do it with sheer aplomb. Be sure to do your research and see what their strengths are. Is it in the planning or styling? A planner in most cases will be upfront with their creative capabilities and this is by far the best approach to take. You need someone that sees your vision and can see it come to fruition both logistically and aesthetically speaking.

A birds eye view

This is the second most important role of your wedding planner. Depending on the size and nature of your wedding and the complexity surrounding the set-up etc… there can be as many as 20+ suppliers involved in your wedding day. Your wedding planner is instrumental in marrying you up with the very best suppliers that are suited to your personality and style. From photographers, venue location, celebrant, hire equipment, menus, running order for the day, transportation, invitations, accommodation, wedding registry, seating plan…the list is endless.

Having an all encompassing understanding of every last detail surrounding your wedding day is what keeps the process smooth and complimentary. Enter your wedding planner.

Case study #1. Emma and James are getting married on a farm with no power or running water. Everything needs to bought in on site. We are talking generators, toilets, catering marquee, marquee, kitchen equipment, flowers, rigging points, chairs, tables, cutlery, dance floor, power, av + sound, lighting and more. Through multiple site inspections and production meetings to uncover the logistical side of your wedding, the wedding planner produces the master running sheet and floor plan (cad drawings if necessary). He/She is the number one person who understands that the placement of each supplier and their arrival and bump-out times are crucial to the success of the day. Unless a clear assessment by the wedding planner is established very early on in the peace then suppliers will find it very difficult to get the right information they require to implement their role in the day. Who do they call if not your wedding planner? YOU. This is when you start to feel overwhelmed and completely absorbed by the day. Don’t quit your full-time gig, enlist a wedding planner and in the words of one of my clients – “Help to shield you from all those nitty gritty details”.

To cut a long story short – who wants to look back and recall the sheer stress surrounding your wedding day. Not you that’s who. Although wedding planners are still very new to Australia, its hard to get your head around what we do. Hopefully this article has aided in getting you familiar with our role and responsibilities.

When in doubt – contact us today for a free appraisal to ascertain what path you should go down and how to best maximise your money and time!


Jordana and Tom

Posted on June 7th, 2013

Jordana + Tom

Jordana and I met at the end of last year via a mutual friend. A budding florist who recently branched out with a business fittingly called WILDER – keep an eye out for this lady. Jordana’s creativity and eye for style is born out of many years spent in the Fashion industry.

Talented on all accounts – Jordana and Tom’s wedding day was nothing short of breathtaking. Whilst it took a village to get it off the ground – the result was sublime. 

Thanks to Jordana and Tom and their families for letting us share this special day and for allowing us to share some truly gorgeous footage captured by the talented Elisse Hassey.

Tom & Jordana 021

Tom & Jordana 031

Tom & Jordana 047

Tom & Jordana 065

Tom & Jordana 071

Tom & Jordana 092

Tom & Jordana 115

Tom & Jordana 122

Tom & Jordana 132

Tom & Jordana 171

Tom & Jordana 199

Tom & Jordana 242

Tom & Jordana 266

Tom & Jordana 309

Tom & Jordana 458

Tom & Jordana 697

Tom & Jordana 698

Tom & Jordana 699

Tom & Jordana 700

Tom & Jordana 702

Tom & Jordana 710

Tom & Jordana 713

Tom & Jordana 729

Tom & Jordana 761

Tom & Jordana 767

Tom & Jordana 773

Tom & Jordana 774

Tom & Jordana 785

Tom & Jordana 792

Tom & Jordana 798

Tom & Jordana 820

Tom & Jordana 831

Tom & Jordana 845

Tom & Jordana 882

Tom & Jordana 0964

Tom & Jordana 1121

Tom & Jordana 1218

Tom & Jordana 1300

Tom & Jordana 1302