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Posted on April 17th, 2013


By now everyone is pretty clued up on what the Cancer Council is and does. What you might not know is that this year its annual event The Biggest Morning Tea is nearing two special digits indeed. Yep. On Thursday 23rd May, the big girl is turning the mighty 2-0.

This morning we were lucky enough get invited to a morning tea for twenty bloggers hosted by Sarah Wilson (Author of I Quit Sugar) and charismatic and passionate Barry ‘Baz’ Du Bois (Survivor and The Living Room host).

Upon first glance you would be mistaken for assuming this gathering was about eating delicious and healthy treats thanks to Matt Moran and Poh Ling Yeow, oh, and not to mention getting your tea leaves read in a beautiful inner-city French oasis. Silly you!

Far from it in fact. You see, once the pleasantries were out of the way, the nitty gritty part of the morning tea soon got underway. In a nutshell today was about people coming together – a slogan we love is “Together we’re stronger than cancer”. Whether that’s in the form of two influential personalities speaking to 20 bloggers or hosting an intimate tea party in your very own kitchen amongst friends. The aim is to help spread the word of The Biggest Morning Tea both far and wide.

So, for those of you who feel they lack the kind of organisational skills of Martha Stewart. Never fear! WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS has devised some pretty fancy ways to get those RSVP’s in well before their due date and guests kicking on until way passed their welcome.

Step 1.Pick a date to host your morning tea on. You have the entire month of May to do so. What are you waiting for? Keep it short and to the point – 2 hours is a great time-frame. Remember to register your event via or call 1300 65 65 85

Step 2. Find a venue. Hosting something in your home works well, it means there are less restrictions. Make sure you have a wet weather contingency if you are planning on hosting something outdoors. Alternately Chez Dee is a beautiful space especially if you’re after something truly intimate.

Step 3. Send out the invites as soon as you lock in date/venue. Whether it’s via email or post – Paperless Post or De La Mod are both superb options to announce your morning tea to guests.

Step 4. Decide how you want to collect money at your morning tea. Ask friends / colleagues/ companies to donate prizes towards a raffle. Have a bake-off. The idea is to raise money in a fun way. If you love fashion you could ask that everyone donate their designer wares. Skies the limit really.

Step 5. Pick a theme for your event – feel free to decorate til your hearts content. Head to your local antique store or weekend markets for some unique serving trays and tea cups. You might like to invite a tea-leaf reader to do readings – Lindel at Tea Wise is number one best in the business. Oh and most importante – whatever the space, make sure that there are loads of fresh flowers and candles. We love Sydney Markets for fresh blooms (direct from the growers) and Circa Home soy scented candles.

Step 6. Make sure that everyone gets involved on the night. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all effortlessly manipulated vehicles to help spread the word – make sure you have the avatars up in a prominent position so that your guests can connect with other Australian’s throughout the campaign.

Hashtag #biggestmorningtea

Twitter @ccnswmedia @cancercouncil

Facebook australiasbiggestmorningtea cancercouncilnsw


Posted on April 16th, 2013

This week we were pretty pleased to receive an invitation by the fabulous Mark Patrick PR Agency to attend Valiant Hire Baroque and French Nouveau collection launch.

For those who are not familiar – Valiant is a mecca for dutiful event planners and stylists alike. Hosted in the epicentre of Alexandria, Valiant’s showroom is the ultimate one-stop-shop for your next affair to remember.

Our arrival was made worthy of applause when we were greeted by two divine 2.8m tall LED Avatrees. Then it was time to roll out some serious eye-candy in the form of delicious bite-sized morsels. The staff weren’t all that bad either.

Before we had time to browse the showroom like kids in a candy store, we were lucky to be introduced to Brian Castle – Valiant’s National Product and Marketing Manager. He gets a 10 for knowledge, 10 for passion and 10 for being ultra supportive of WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS. Thanks Brian!

Nothing short of being one seriously compartmentalised space (think over ten styled vignettes each with about 20 items on parade) – oversized lamps, yellow candy striped wallpaper, bentwood chairs, ghost stools, gold chesterfields. The list goes on. The worst part of all? Trying to decide which style would suit our mood – a girl must sip rose in style after all. In the end we were felt more than cosy in the the Florence collection.

As an events and wedding engineering company. Knowing that these guys are a) eager to please and b) have and can produce literally anything you can imagine on site is pretty comforting stuff. With their entire welding/ carpentry division and showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – there’s nothing these guys can’t do.

Whatever your style, colour palette or vision for your event; Valiant are serious game-changers and boy do we have the insiders knowledge to prove it. Watch this space.

Valiant Hire  02) 9690 4000